Aegean Perlites possesses a deposit, which is suitable as raw material for the production of natural pozzolan (Supplementary Cementitious Material – SCM) after milling to the appropriate fineness. It consists of amorphous alumino-silicate phases (having approximately 50% of Reactive SiO2 according to EN 197-1) and complies with most of ASTM C 618 specifications to be classified as Class N Raw natural pozzolan.

It is already used for the production of “blended cements”. It is also suitable as an SCM for the production of “high durability concrete”, alone or in combination with other SCMs in ternary blended mixtures.

When compared to other natural pozzolans, the content of crystalline silica phases is much lower. Heavy metals and Radioactivity are also below the accepted limits. It is therefore ideal when specifications related to Health & Safety and Sustainability are applied.