Expanded Perlite

Since 2006 AEGEAN PERLITES SA has decided to extend its activities by installing a perlite expansion and packaging unit. Expanded perlite, which is for the most part distributed in the domestic market, is mainly used in the construction sector as a natural material with excellent thermal and sound isolative properties.
Thanks to its very light weight (approx. 80 gr/lt) and its incombustible attribute, expanded perlite is used in a wide range of applications and is a commonplace in our times.

In general terms, expanded perlite is righteously described as a ‘’future material’’ since its physical properties offer great potential and it can be used in a variety of new applications related to the protection of the environment and to the saving of the, very valuable today, energy.

Expanded Perlite Coarse Grade.

Expanded Perlite Extra Fine Grade

 Expanded Perlite Medium Grade

 Expanded Perlite Fine Grade

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