Perlite ore

AEGEAN PERLITES SA extracts Perlite ore in its raw form on Yali islet near Nissiros. Perlite can be described as a glassy, volcanic rock having a pearl-like luster and has the unusual characteristic of expanding to about 20 times its original volume upon heating within its softening temperature range.
Owing to its low density with attendant properties of low thermal conductivity and high sound absorption, expanded perlite is used in a variety of commercial applications.

In the construction sector it’s used in lightweight plaster mixes, insulation materials, thermal and sound absorption roof tiles as well as an auxiliary component in filters.

In the agricultural sector it renders the soil loose, allowing the air to circulate whereas it has a high level of water absorption. It’s an ideal solution for hydroponics crop. Perlite is also used in foundries and the cryogenic insulation sector.

Coarse Perlite Ore Grade
Pre Crushed Perlite Ore
Coarse Perlite Ore Grade
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