Aegean Perlites SA was founded in 1994. It’s a privately owned company that specializes in Perlite ore mining, processing and production. The company has leased from the Greek State the North-East Edge of the uninhabited isle of Yiali. The islet of Yali is situated between the islands of Kos and Nissiros located in the South-East Aegean Sea, more specifically in the Dodecanese Islands.

The surface leased, covers 428 acres, and the long term lease extends for several decades to come, which amounts to reserves exceeding 75M tons. The company currently has secured mining rights for approximately 11M tons, with the option to expand the mining area.

Aegean Perlites SA currently has a production capacity of 250,000 tons per year. These quantities correspond to, 1.250 tons per day by 200 days in a single shift. The production capacity is set at these levels in order to allow for some flexibility and can easily be stretched in order to meet client demand at any time.

Organization Chart

The following diagram is an illustration of the hierarchical organization which is followed within the company.

Furthermore the personnel requirements for each department are the following:

bulletbullet Production Department (Plant):
Production Manager, Skilled Workforce (15), Unskilled Workforce (1)

bulletbullet Exports Department:
Export Manager, Employee (1)

bulletbullet Resource Department:
Resource Manager, Employee (1)

bulletbullet Accounting Department:
Head of Department, Assistant (1)


bullet The quality of Aegean Perlite’s ore places the product amongst the few that contain less of 0,7% of ALPHA Quartz and Crystobalite. This classifies our products as completely safe to handle with no H&S hazards.

bullet Extraction and processing operations are both performed on an uninhabited islet, minimizing the exploitation impact, as well as allowing the company to follow its own production schedules without any external limitations.

bullet Extraction, processing and loading are executed at the exploitation place. This significantly reduces the production costs and renders Aegean Perlites’ products very competitive within the world market.

bullet Processing of Perlite is made without previous drying. Drying is achieved during storage in a greenhouse-warehouse using solar power. Therefore, there is no self-crushing or dust during transportation, no losses in quantity or quality for the end-consumer and the production cost is further diminished.

bullet The Loading conveyor belts are automatically fed with graded Perlite from the warehouse so that Perlite reaches the vessels protected from the weather as well as without producing any dust or debris. This eliminates handling during loading also ensures the quality of the product loaded matches production quality.

bullet The loading facilities can accommodate vessels up to 30.000 tons and are exclusively used by Aegean Perlites for the loading of its products, virtually eliminating any delays for the vessels served.

bullet Possibility of combined shipments with pumice

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