Aegean Perlites SA was founded in 1994.

It’s a private owned company that specializes in the Perlite ore mining and production. The company has rented from the Greek State the North-East Edge of the uninhabited isle of Yali.

The surface, which covers 428 acres, was rented for a 40-year period.

The islet of Yali is situated between the islands of Kos and Nisyros located in the South-East Aegean sea, more specifically in the Dodecanese Islands.


Aegean Perlites SA has made significant investments, the total cost of which amount to 7.000.000 Euro.
Such investments include among other things:

bulletbullet Excavations

bulletbullet Road Construction

bulletbullet Civil engineering projects

bulletbullet Harbor works

bulletbullet Mechanical installation

bulletbullet Artificial lake for the collection of rain water

bulletbulletInstallation of grading and screening machinery includes screening machines, crusher and a mill with a producing capacity up to 80 tones per hour.

bulletbulletThe warehouse was created by excavation of 100.000 m³ inside a perlite rock, whose sides were covered with concrete, which is covered and surrounded with a galvanized iron space frame system and transparent polycarbonic sheets, whereby a warehousing space of 80.000 metric tones has been created.

bulletbulletConveyor belts are automatically fed with graded perlite from the warehouse so that perlite may reach the loading facilities.

bulletbulletThe loading facilities consist of a conveyor belt network and are divided into two sorts of installations, one of which can accept vessels up to 5.000 tones, with a loading rate of 300 metric tones per hour, and the other one vessels up to 30.000 tones, with a loading rate of 500 metric tones per hour.

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